What are the guidelines ? What are they used for ?

The guidelines is a booklet for all the Faith and Light communities. It helps to organize meetings by proposing an annual theme defined by the international coordinating team with suggestions to mime the gospel, ideas for the time of prayer and celebration, for activities, games or DIY. It is divided into 12 chapters corresponding to the 12 meetings of the year. The guidelines can be adapted according to the needs of the communities. It is written each year by a team of different nationality.

What is the theme of this year’s guidelines and how to order it?

The 2019-2020 guidelines “Jesus is the way” has been produced by a Faith and Light hungarian speaking team. We are walking in the footsteps of Jesus, who guides us through the most little ones in our communities. We are walking towards the great Jubilé celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2021. You can download it here: 2019-2020 guidelines or order the hard copy by email to the Faith and Light International secretariat foi.lumiere@wanadoo.fr

How to participate in a Faith and Light retreat?

A Faith and Light Retreat is a special time for the community to meditate and pray on the spirituality of Faith and Light. It can be organized by the community or by the province. Persons with a disability, their parents, their friends and the chaplain get together. The retreat is a priviledged time to deepen the spirituality of Faith and Light and to listen to the most little ones.
To join a retreat in France, contact the secretariat of Faith and Light France f.l.france@wanadoo.fr, to join a retreat in other countries, contact the international secretariat foi.lumiere@wanadoo.fr

Where can I find the list of the Faith and Light pilgrimages ?

Faith and Light was born in 1971 following a big pilgrimage in Lourdes. The communities or/and the provinces enjoy going on a pilgrimage to celebrate life together. See the online Agenda 
Every ten years, a large international pilgrimage is usually taking place in Lourdes to celebrate the Faith and Light anniversary. In 2011-2012, several pilgrimages were organized around the world. See history