What are the links between the communities?

– Communities around the world form a large international family. In every province, every country, communities come together and organize common activities as much as possible.

– The Charter and the Constitution: the Charter explains the organization of the movement and the Constitution specifies the composition and functioning of each branch of the association. Each one of them, at the provincial and international levels, is at the service of the community.

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What is a Faith and Light province ?

The provinces are groups of 15 to 40 recognized communities. They form the branches of the international family. The number of communities per province is flexible and depends on the cultural, linguistic and geographical environment… Each province is accompanied by a provincial coordinator who is supported in his responsibility by a provincial team. Learn more

How does the provincial team work?

The provincial team feeds and watches over the life of Faith and Light in the province. It deals with everything that needs to be done between two provincial assemblies, but it does not need to organize and lead each activity: it can create project teams whose role is these specific projects. The provincial team members are the provincial coordinator, the provincial vice-coordinators, the provincial chaplain and the treasurer. Learn more, see pages 19-22 of the Charter and Constitution about the provincial team

What is the role of Vice Provincial Coordinators (VCP)?

The provincial vice-coordinator is part of the provincial team and plays a main role in supporting the communities that are assigned to him. He accompanies, encourages and assists community coordinators and interim coordinators in their responsibility, it creates ties between communities through gatherings and inter-community activities (eg retreats, summer camps, formation sessions…), he carries with the entire provincial team the objectives and orientations set by the provincial assembly. Learn more: charter and constitution about the VCP , see page 21

What is the role of the international coordinating team

It is composed of the International coordinator, the deputy international coordinator, the international chaplain and the 12 International vice coordinators.
The first goal of the international coordinating team is to give life. It maintains strong ties with the provinces through the international vice-coordinators. It has a global vision of the growth, development, joys and difficulties of Faith and Light around the world. This allows the international coordinating team to identify the priorities and expectations of the movement. Learn more, see page 27 of the Charter and Constitution 

How does the International Secretariat work?

The international secretariat answers your calls, mails, emails, manages all the administration, maintains a directory of 1420 communities located in 86 countries of the world, updates the website, organizes the meetings of the board of directors and the international coordinating team, the General Assembly, carries out each year the guidelines with a different team and takes care of the documents management, the logistics for the shipments to different provinces… Read more