How does the community work ?

Each community is rooted in a Parish and accompanied by a chaplain. The meeting is composed of three essential times :
1.  The meeting time to get together, share together, to listen to each other.
2. The fiesta: moments of joy where we sing, dance, where we share the same meal. From time to time, a day of celebration opens to guests who are open to discover the abilities of the person with an intellectual disability to create this atmosphere of joy.
3. The time of prayer. Jesus is present in our meetings and our celebrations, he meets us in a special way at the time of prayer, in the Eucharist and / or in other liturgical celebrations.

Friendship deepens when we take the time to be together. Between meetings, community members enjoy meeting in small groups or sometimes just two or three for a time of fidelity. See page 7 of the Charter of Faith and Light